---   Winter 2020 ---

Wed Feb 12: WELLESLEY ROCKS the Library!

​            in the Wakelin Room
            American Ink

            Wellesley High School Jazz Combo

            Wellesley Free Library - Washington Street, 7-9pm

​Fri Feb 28: Hilary Prus & Dave Walton

             Heritage Restaurant, 7:30-10:30pm

​             33 N. Main St, Sherborn

Sat Feb 29:  Off Label

            Three Squares Craft Kitchen & Cocktails - 7pm
            669 Highland Ave, Needham

Thu Mar 5: Screaming Sushi

           The Jungle Community Music Theater - 6pm

           6 Sanborn Ct, Somerville

Sat March 14: Grounds for Divorce 

           Morse Tavern , 9-12pm
           85 E Central St, Natick

            ---   Spring 2020 ---

Live music will hopefully resume in May:

Wed May 13: WELLESLEY ROCKS the Library - ONLINE!

          Off Label, NRFA
           broadcast information pending  - Washington Street, 7pm

Fri May 15: Screaming Sushi

           Rock Off Main Street - Amazing Things Art Center - 7p,

           160 Hollis St, Framingham

Sat May 16: Wellesley Education Foundation fundraiser

          UmamiWellesley High School Rock Band 

          TCAN Natick. (time?)

Thu May 21: Connect 4/Bigfoot

             Three Squares Craft Kitchen & Cocktails, 7-10pm
             669 Highland Ave, Needham​



Video: January "Wellesley Rocks the Library" 



John Robertson "Coronavirus Blues"

Brad Neighbors of "Umami" crushes the 4-box!  17 separate audio/video tracks were assembled for this video including drums, backing vocals... have mercy!

Wellesley Rocks!

The Walton family's second submission - inside and outside, hangin' with the fam, doin' some serious B-side Elton John.

Bob Bua (aka "Ripcord!") turns a Green Day song into a Quarantine anthem.  "Wake me up when Covid-19 ends...."

CALLING ALL WELLESLEY MUSICIANS - Let's use this quarantine time to create and share some... "Quaran-tunes"!  Play your piano, sing a karaoke track, pluck a uke.... ​ Send your video to hayden98@me.com - we'll post the videos below ALL MONTH LONG as they roll in, so make some noise!

SEVENTEEN (17!) "Quaran-tunes" so far: 

Jim Johnson of The Meanees with his second submission of the series!  

Wellesley is more than just lacrosse sticks and golf clubs - we also have drum sticks and guitars, and we're not afraid to use 'em!  See updated calendar, videos of recent events, archival photos...

Mike Kim, Brad Neighbors, and Liz Larson of  "Umami" combine for this video of an original tune by Mike re: Boston Marathon.

Patrick Hayden of "Bigfoot" and "Connect 4" co-runs (w/ Dr. Shira Doron) the Library music series and this site.  Dude, learn the lyrics....

Rod Wright of "Bigfoot" adapts a blues song about the Quarantine with the words we've all been asking ourselves: "How long do I have to wait?"

Jadon Czerniach of "Screaming Sushi" gets all 4-box for some Mission Impossible mojo!  Cellos rule.

Jim Johnson of "The Meanees" opts for piano (yes, he usually plays bass - showoff! ;) for this interpretation of his favorite Killers tune:

Anna Tellalian (WHS Senior > BU!) is a member of the acapella group "Ladies First", and crushes this series' 2nd Carpenters song!

"Wellesley Rocks the Library" is a monthly live music series for adults and students!  FINALLY, a local venue for us to boogie.  Two events completed (videos below).  The March and April events were cancelled but we will resume in May! (we hope?)

Haig Tellalian of "Grounds for Divorce" gets his "country" on!  (His horse is out of the frame, but its there....)

Mike Kim & Liz Larsen of R&B band "Umami" sometimes wear shades inside and do sick multi-track overdub videos (respect!):

Rick Wilson does some Elton John! He's in Wellesley-based band "Ghosts in the Machine" with Ludvig Soderling and Patrick Kent:

April 21, 2020          

Nick Fauza (WHS Junior) - his band "American Ink" has published a few albums (Spotify).  Cuz, who hasn't by that age?

Mark Stepakoff hosts the open-mic series at TCAN.  Check out his hilarious song "Kitty is a Cougar" on Spotify (many albums on Spotify).

Tino DeLollis of "Grounds for Divorce" and "Connect 4" plays a song by Herman's Hermits, also played by the Carpenters.

The Walton family does Bob Marley, led by Dave Walton of "Million Dollar Day" fame.  Don't MESS with their firewood:

Video: February "Wellesley Rocks the Library" video: