February 16, 2018

                  Winter 2018         

Sat Jan 27: Why Is Everything On Fire

                    Off Label

                     Million Dollar Day

                     Grounds for Divorce

                    @ Midway Café, Jamaica Plain, Boston

Sat Jan 27: Bigfoot & the Believers
                     @ Three Squares Restaurant, 

Wed Jan 31: Off Label featured artist at Open-mic
                     @ Brewers Coalition, Newtonville

Fri Feb 9:  Off Label 
                    @ Heritage Restaurant
                    33 N Main St, Sherborn, MA

Sat Feb 10: Loaded Dice
                    @ Morse Tavern - Natick


Fri Feb 16: Connect Four

                    @ Tommy Doyle's Irish Pub - 9:30-10:30pm

                     349 Watertown St, Newton

Sat Feb 24: Bigfoot & t/Small Hands

                    @ Three Squares Restaurant - 7-10pm
                     669 Highland Ave, Needham

Sat Mar 3: Grounds for Divorce
                    @ Morse Tavern - 9-12pm

                     85 E. Central St, Natick

                      Spring 2018          

Sun Mar 25: Connect Four  (w/ Tim Ko)
                     @ Bill's Bar, 5 Lansdowne St, near Fenway Park
                     "Rise Against Hunger" fundraiser, 4-7pm

Fri Apr 6: Million Dollar Day
                     @ Lookout Taproom, S. Natick - 6-8pm

Fri Apr 6: Bigfoot & t/Informed Skeptics
                     @ 3 Squares Restaurant - 7-10:00
                      669 Highland Ave, Needham

Sat Apr 7: Million Dollar Day

                     @ Hard Rock Café, Boston​​

Sat Apr 21: Bigfoot& t/Jackelopes

                     @ Morse Tavern - 9-12pm
                      85 E. Central St, Natick

​Thu Apr 26: Connect Four -  7:30 - 10:30pm

                     @ Main Streets Café, Concord, MA

Fri Apr 27: Umami! and The Meanees! - double-bill!

                     @ TCAN, Natick

                      Buy TicketsHERE ($25 now, $35 later)

Sat Apr 28: Why Is Everything On Fire?  

                     @ Jasper Hill Café, Holliston

Sat Apr 28: Grounds for Divorce - 9:00pm
                     @ Morse Tavern, Natick, MA

Fri May 4: Bigfoot & t/ Gringos (cinco de mayo wknd)

                    @ Lookout Taproom, S. Natick - 6-8pm

Sat May 5: Off Label & friends - 9am - 1pm

                    @ Natick Farmer's Market

Fri May 11: Why Is Everything On Fire?  

                    @ Amazing Things Arts Center, Framingham

Sat May 12: Connect Four 

                      and Off Label - 8-11pm

                    @ Nobscot Café, Natick 

Fri May 18: Connect Four & friends - 6-11pm

                    @ Dover-Sherborn High School

                    "Relay for Life" fundraiser

Fri May 25: Million Dollar Day 

                    @ Lookout Taproom, S. Natick - 7-9pm

Fri May 25: Off Label - 7-10pm

                   @ 3 Squares Restaurant - 7-10pm
                    669 Highland Ave, Needham

Sun Jun 3: Off Label

                   @ Schofield School Fun Run Fair, 25th anniv.

Fri June 15: Screaming Sushi 

                    @ Amazing Things Arts Center, Framingham

TONIGHT!  Friday Feb 16, Connect Four is rockin' a slew of new material at Tommy Doyle's "Acoustic Sessions", 9:30pm-10:30pm.  Connect Four is Heidi D, Shira D, Tino D, and Patrick D... tonight at Tommy D's in Newton!


Wellesley Rocks!

See more past videos at the "Video/photo history" tab, top of page.

Wellesley is more than just lacrosse sticks and golf clubs - we also have drum sticks and guitars, and we're not afraid to use 'em!  See updated calendar, videos of recent events, archive photos...

Off Label rocked the Heritage restaurant last Friday night in Sherborn as restaurant enthusiasts marved at the food and new decor!  Haven't checked out the Heritage?  Why not?