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WellesleyRocks thanks Wellesley Public Media and Paul Falcone for there support.  Videos of music, school, and community events can be found on local channels 8 & 9, and at

Wellesley Concert Series will resume in the Fall.

3 simultaneous bands in 3 locations:

   - Sat. Sept. 10

   - Sat. Oct. 1

   - Sat. Nov. 5

      --- Event Calendar 2022 ---    

                        - Summer -​    


Thu: Aug 18: Scott & Sadie 

                       Horse Thieves Tavern - 8-11pm
                        585 High St, Dedham

Sat Aug 20: Screaming Sushi

                      Natick Farmer's Market

​                      Natick Church Square, 10am-12pm

Thu Aug 25: Emi & Jadon

                       Horse Thieves Tavern - 8-11pm
                       585 High St, Dedham

​Sat Sep 10:  Wellesley Concert Series 

                       "Park" by Ardan Spa 12-3pm: TBA

                       Church Street 10-1pm: TBA

Thu Sep 15: Million Dollar Day

                       Horse Thieves Tavern - 8-11pm
                       585 High St, Dedham

Fri Sept 16: Wellesley Sq. Merchants event
                      "Park" by Ardan Spa 1-4pm: TBA
                      Church Sq. 1-4pm: TBA
Sat Sep 17: Wellesley Sq. Merchants event
                      "Park" by Ardan Spa 11-2pm: TBA
                      "Park" by Ardan Spa 2-5pm: TBA
                      Church Sq. 12–3pm: TBA

Sat Sep 17:  FESTIVAL DI MUSICA​  (private event)

                    - Fall -​    ​​​​​​

Fri Sept 30: Hilary & Dave

                       Lookout Farm, S. Natick, 6-8pm

Sat Oct 29:  Grounds for Divorce

                       Morse Tavern, Natick, 9-12pm

Sat Nov 5:   Off Label

                       Morse Tavern, Natick, 9-12pm

​Sat Nov 19:  Million Dollar Day
                       Morse Tavern, Natick, 9-12pm

Acknowledgments :

Wellesley is more than just lacrosse sticks and golf tees - we also have drum sticks and guitars, and we're not afraid to use 'em!  See updated event calendar, recent videos, archival photos...

Up next: 

Thu Aug 18: Scott & Sadie

   at Horse Thieves Tavern, Dedham, 8pm

Sat. Aug 20: Screaming Sushi 

   at Natick Farmer's Market Church Square

   Natick, 10am-12pm.

Some graphic arts work provided by Dobos Design.  


Screaming Sushi

August 16, 2022