Umami is a new collaboration whose first gig at Festiva di Musica 2017 featured Christina Everett on vocals, Liz Larsen on bass, Brad Neighbors on guitar, Mike Kim on keys & guitar, and the Foote brothers (Tom and Dan) on percussion.    Umami's music is mostly blues-based with some soul and funk infusion.
The bad boys of suburban dad rock!  GFD plays hard rock classics and originals that'll rattle your molars and renew your faith in rock 'n roll.  Tino DeLollis, Brad Neighbors, Karl Hammond, Dan"Thunder" Foote and Heidi DeLollis mix costumes, megaphones, and strobe lights to create a high energy show.

The Bands:  (reverse-alpha order - rebellious)

Rick Wilson, Patrick Kent, Mike Turner, and
Ludvig Söderling play classic rock with an emphasis on U2 and The Police.  Audiences have commented that their interpretations sometimes rival the originals.


The "Doc rock" band - mostly medical professionals who blow off steam by rocking out.  Classic rock and R&B focus. Shira Doron's vocals will rock the house with Dan Wiener and Roger Fielding on guitars, Tony Callini on drums, and Binny Shah on saxophone and keys.


Loaded Dice is a high energy Rock 'n' Roll cover band from the Boston Metrowest area that plays your favorite Classic and Modern Rock Dance hits.

 RipCHORD  --->
Bob Bua is a one-man army with a guitar, a microphone and many special guests.  With a silky baritone vibe and a 3-ring notebook of classic songs that puts the yellow pages to shame, Bob delivers.  RipChord - "Just pull it!"


Million Dollar Day debuted at the 2017 "Festival di Musica" with authority!   Lead singer Hilary channels the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow, and Chrissie Hynde while Dave, Fred, Professor, Fudey, and Chris rock it with vigor.

Despite their age (no one over 15 years old), Screaming Sushi has been playing for many years, including a live TV spot on Boston's Fox 25 News and as a frequent headliner at the Natick Farmers Market.  In addition to some covers, Jadon Czerniach, Nicholas Sydorenko and Tucker DeLollis also write and perform original material. 
Heidi DeLollis, Shira Doron, Tino DeLollis, and Patrick Hayden play some of the greatest songs and B-Sides from the last 40 years.  Harmonies and songs you know or will be looking up on iTunes when you get home.

EMI & JADON ----> Emi Schneider and Jadon Czerniach are young performers with old souls which shines through in their deep sound on covers by artists such Beyonce, Rihanna, Hozier, Adele, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Elton John, and Bruno Mars. The piano & vocal duo formed in 2018 when became fast friends in history class at Wellesley High. They have also recorded original music together which is out on Spotify.


Mark Stepakoff is a singer/songwriter who has released several albums of original (and funny!) material that is available on iTunes.  Mark's position as one of the top songwriters and satirists in the Boston area (thanks to songs like "Kitty Is a Cougar Now") has earned him the honor of being the host of the Tuesday nights at TCAN in Natick.

MacPABLO  --- >

Paul Reed and Scotty Mac.  Two dudes, two guitars, harmonies out the wazoo, songs you want to hear.


Born yesterday is a power trio that will blow your doors off.  Nick Fauza, Ben Chase, and Josh Tutleman are all 14 or younger, but you wouldn't know it listening to them.  See video...  


Marty Orio, Rod Wright, Norm Hartley, Victor Helenic, Patrick Hayden - Bigfoot County.  Leaning on the music of the Rolling Stones, Clapton, Dire Straits, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Beatles and and Bob Dylan.